Interim Staffing

As our passion is Supply Chain in Retail, we have a very unique network of ‘hyperspecialists’ (own employees and partners) with extensive knowledge and experience in this field. This enables us to understand your short-term staffing needs better than others and provide you the right candidate(s) very fast (often within 24 hours). We apply a transparent tariff and always negotiate the best possible price for you.

Management Consulting

We help companies in designing and managing their optimal Retail Supply Chain. We stand out in the market by always combining our Supply Chain skills and extensive Retail knowledge in our projects, from consulting through to implementation. We are open for all methods of pricing, such as time-and-materials cost, fixed price, value-based, capped costs with incentives or a combination, depending on the situation. and the customers’ preferences.

Digital Solutions

We don’t like to reinvent the wheel again. Therefore, we capture the most valuable ideas, methods, models and analytics for an optimal Retail Supply Chain and make it re-usable through “Software as a Service” for our customers. This means that a customer doesn’t pay for the software itself, but pays per use, for example per item or per order. These solutions have many advantages, such as reduced time to benefit, scalability, reliability and lower costs.